Menispermaceae member ?- Gajapati distt., Odisha
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i have recently collected this liana from gajapati district, south Odisha growing in under the canopy of evergreen trees near stream (900 m above msl). Please help me in ID.
Flowers very small (5 mm in diameter), leaves large, 10 to 14 cm long and 5 to 7 cm broad, petiole 5 cm.
Triclisia macrophylla
Many many thanks ... for the identification. I was thinking of menespermaceae, but not sure. Yes the sepals and petals are green.
It is shown as critically endangered as per IUCNRed List (CR) with range in Cameroon; Equatorial Guinea (Bioko); Sierra Leone.
Being so, it may not occur in India in wild.
It is male climber of Tinospora cordifolia
Does not matches with images at

It is not Tinospora cordifolia, the male flower is quite different