Sonerila species- Batase Danda, Palpa
Sonerila stricta Hook. : 14 posts by 4 authors. 9 images- around 1 mb to 7 mb.
Location:  Batase Danda, Palpa
Date: 24 September 2019
Elevation:1400 m.
Habit : Wild 
Syn : Sonerila tenera R.Br

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is there any reference you have?
I have referred ACFPoN, net, FoI, efi, POWO etc and guessed the ID. I may be wrong. Hope other members would help to validate.
To me looks different from Sonerila stricta Hook from GBIF (only two specimens- both look different), Plant illustrations, The Botanical Magazine: Or, Flower Garden Displayed Etc, Volume 74 By William Curtis

Check with the keys in Flora of Bhutan.
I guess it is matching with Sonerila khasiana C.B.Clarke
Flora of Bhutan : S. khasiana Clarke
Small herb, stemless. Leaves ovate, 1.4 —2 x 0.9 —l.2cm. acute, truncate to cordate at base, senulate and ciliate, with scattered pilose hairs mainly on upper surface; petiole 10 —32mm, rufous bristles at base. Peduncle 1.6 —5cm. Calyx 1 tubular, 4 - 5mm, lobes c lmm. Petals mauve to red, obovate, acute, 7 —8mm. Stamens 8 —8.5mm; anthers 3.7 —5.2mm. Capsule oblong.

Looks different from images of … at Sonerila khasiana

There are only 2 more left among the listed 4 . S..maculata looks completely different. S. stricta ?
What do you think ...?
Haven't come across this spp yet. 
But doesn't appear to be either S. stricta or S. tenere, as seen from herbarium sheets available on the net.
The leaves here are more basal. If I come across something resembling this, will let you know. 
Thank you ...! I guess there is no chance of resemblance with S.khasiana.
I am afraid it won't turned out to be a new sp.😁!