Tilia species- California, USA

Avenue Tree For ID : California : 20OCT14 : AK-16 : 6 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (3).
Avenue Tree seen in Sacramento on the 7th of Oct,14.
Medium tree, planted along the roads.
Maple Species?
not maple
Tilia cordata
fruits are unique
so here's the answer, but I would still like to see the whole tree... they are unique shape and the bark...
May be you have them in your sd card in the camera, please share.
Yes Tilia cordata, a very distinctive inflorescence with leaf like bract adhering to the peduncle.
Thanks for the id. I will look for more pictures...had taken many more. Will post at the earliest.
Here are few more pictures as promised.
Is this what you mean by 'a very distinctive inflorescence with leaflike bract adhering to the peduncle' ?
Kindly verify. Attachments (6).
Yes thanks
nice young tree
where its situated
its by definition someone's property front or side yard not city street/avenue tree
so someone really wanted this tree in their yard and planted it
of course local park department does make recommendations
Leaves look as if its suffering from water deficiency though the lawn is still green
If we go by the keys at BSI eFlora of India with details (Volume 3- 1993), it is not Tilia cordata.

Not maple. 
Please look at Linden trees. Possibly Tilia cordata.