Pterospermum lanceifolium ?
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Please identify the following tree:
Location: Botanical Garden, Howrah, West Bengal
Date: 6/9/2015
I do not know what this tree can be. Not only this one all species in Howrah Bot. (with a very few exception during our araceae-arecaceae fortnight).
Partly because I have never seen them in flowering state so that I can get some clue and partly because they are not commonly seen in my usual exploring areas.
I can only hope our tree experts identifies this tree so that I can also learn a new species.
Though this is only a guess based on once seeing this tree in a garden, but I think this can be Pterospermum lanceaefolium ...
I have all the chances to go wrong...
I believe if you had too much doubt you never had suggested any probability. I/we very much rely on your expertise!