Magnolia species- Gangtok, Sikkim
TREE ID------17th DECEMBER 2011-----S.S.------038---- NEAR GANTOK: 
Please can anyone id this tree.
Pic taken on 12th April 2011.
Near Rumtek monastery, on hill opposite GANTOK. SIKKIM.
Habitat..... In the garden of a private house. But it looked to be wild rather than planted.
Leaves..... newly emerged . See pic.
Sorry no flowers or other clues!
The young leaves (emerging), which are looking like flower buds point towards one of the Ficus species. I am not sure.
Important trees in Jawaharlal Nehru Botanic Garden are listed as Google Docs by ...
There is no Ficus in this area except Rubber Fig at Saramsa Sanctuary you might have visited.. As you dont know even local name of the tree my memory is it is likely a Magnoliad-just see the doc I will email. ...

..., thank you for your suggestion of Magnolia and for all the trouble you took to add links.
In our garden we grow many sp of magnolia and I do not think I have ever seen new leaf buds like these.
Yes for Magnolia!
M. hodgsonii is a guess from me.
The photos look like leaf buds of a Ficus sp. possibly F. benjamina or F. infectoria.
We locally call the tree 'KABRA'. The leaf-buds are collected and pickled around March-April, which is when the pictures were taken too.
The plant is possibly planted or cared for as almost all Ficus species are used as fodder.
I feel that you are correct.
You have a knowledge of the locallity.
All over this area we saw evidence of the hard working local people collecting green plants for fodder for their animals.
I also agree that this is no Magnolia, i think ... and ... identified it correctly. I should had searched for Ficus leaf-buds also, using key provided by ...  
Pl. check for Ficus rumphii Blume as per images herein.
Wondering if this could be a Magnolia. Pl check this link: