Lagerstroemia species- Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary

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Fruit for Id pl.
Location - Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary
Date - 28.3.2016
Thanks, ..., for the beautiful photographs.
Pl. show the habit of the tree as it appears to be leafless while being photographed.
Thanks ... This tree in Nagzira Sanctuary near Nagpur was completely bear everywhere and i don't have any other photographs with leaves.
... most probably Lagerstroemia parviflora.
This looks like Seena/Bhondara [Lagerstroemia lanceolata - according to Dr. Almeida's classification]. Please check the archives of this group for my photographs and discussion on this.
Thanks ...
As a layman i can't differentiate between these two species. I never knew that Lagerstroemia is deciduous.
In fact i had clicked one more tree in Nagzira which was full of foliage and thought it resembled Lagerstroemia. Although the picture quality is not so good,posting the same. Attachments (1)
There is one big tree of Lagerstroemia flos reginae near the forest camp site. It seems to be the one which you are showing as I can see the campsite just behind
Yes ..., You are right. On our way back from safari, i just clicked it near the camp.