Dendrophthoe glabrescens

Dendrophthoe glabrescens (Blakeley) Barlow, Proc. Linn. Soc. New South Wales 87: 55 1962. (syn: Dendrophthoe pelagica Barlow; Loranthus longiflorus var. savannorum Domin; Loranthus vitellinus var. glabrescens Blakely);  

Australia (N-Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland, Torres Strait Isl., NE-New South Wales), Lesser Sunda Isl. (Timor, Lombok, Alor), New Guinea as per Catalogue of Life

Common name: Smooth Mistletoe, Bald Mistletoe, Yellow Mistletoe, Orange-flowered mistletoe
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Plant name: Dendrophthoe cuneata (B.Heyne) G.Don, Gen. Hist. 3: 420. 1834. Bhajana (Tel.).
Family: Loranthaceae
Description: Shrubs, parasitic on other trees, stem swollen at nodes, 0.5-1m tall. Leaves opposite; sessile; lamina 5-7 × 0.7-1.5cm, narrow, falcate, nerves obscure, coriaceous. Flowers 2-3cm long, tubular, yellow, in few flowered terminal cymes. Calyx cup shaped. Corolla tube 3-3.5cm long, yellow, lobes scarlet-red. Stamens 5, shortly exerted. Stigma capitate, red. Berry 0.5-0.8cm long, ovoid, orange colored.
Habitat & location: Common in dry deciduous forests on variety of trees. Photographed at Rapur ghat.
It is not Dendrophthoe falcata
It appears to be Dendrophthoe glabrescens as per  

Yes It is Dendrophthoe glabrascens; I got corrected with some technical help; I have corrected in my collections, sorry to inform you. Please correct the things,