Strychnos minor

Strychnos minor Dennst., Reis. Br.-Guiana 33 1818. (syn: Strychnos beddomei C. B. Cl.; Strychnos dubia A. W. Hill; Strychnos laurina Thw.; Strychnos lenticellata A. W. Hill; Strychnos merrillii A. W. Hill; Strychnos micrantha Thw.; Strychnos multiflora Benth.; Strychnos septemnervis C. B. Cl.; Strychnos silvicola A. W. Hill; Strychnos similis A. W. Hill; Strychnos thonningii Solered.);  

India, Sri Lanka, Nicobar Isl. (Great Nicobar Isl.), Burma, Thailand, Vietnam, Solomons, Philippines, Sumatra (incl. Simeulue Isl.), peninsular Malaysia, Moluccas, Lesser Sunda Isl. (Flores), Borneo, Sulawesi, New Guinea, Bismarck Arch. (New Britain), Solomons, Australia (Queensland, Northern Territory) as per Catalogue of Life;
Submission of Strychnos colubrina L., : 9 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2)
I wish to add one more species to Loganiaceae
Plant name: Strychnos colubrina L.,
Ver.names: Snake wood tree (Eng.); Naagamushti(Tel.)
Family: Loganiaceae
There are many Strychnos colubrine with different authorship; Scolubrina Bl is S.wallichi; the images have tendrils; presence of tendril is important character; when ii is a old mature tree tendrils grow woody; we had observed some with weak tendrils. It is identified with the help of BSI, B.Suryanaraayana Sir-author of Flora of Nellore district;
I am adding few more images. 
After your comments I have again referred other books available with me; Sorry for the incorrect identification; it indicates the plant as Strychnos minor Dennst.  Syn.  Strychnos lenticellata Hill,  
Tendrils bifid thickened; leaf apex acute; nerve reticulations raised beneath; berry crustaceous. Please make corrections.
Thanks, ..., for the final id as Strychnos minor Dennst.
To me also appear closer to this species as per
yes it is Strychnos minor; attaching one more image of bifurcated, woody tendril