Lloydia himalensis Royle ? (Images by Saroj Kumar Kasaju (Id help by D S Rawat & Surajit Koley) (Inserted by J.M.Garg) (For more images & complete details, click on the links)) 


Lloydia longiscapa Hook. (Images by Dinesh Valke (ID by Tabish))

Lloydia species in India:
  1. Lloydia delavayi Franch.
  2. L. flavonutans H.Hara (synonym of Gagea flavonutans (H.Hara) Zarrei & Wilkin)
  3. L. himalensis Royle
  4. L. longiscapa Hook.
  5. L. mairei Leveille (synonym of Lloydia yunnanensis Franch.)
  6. L. serotina (L.) Reichb. (synonym of Gagea serotina (L.) Ker Gawl.)
  7. L. serotina (L.) Reichb. var. parva (Marq. & Shaw) Hara (synonym of Gagea serotina (L.) Ker Gawl.)
  8. L. tibetica Baker


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