Lilium 'Orange Pixie' ?

Lilium 'Orange Pixie'?;

Cultivated, dwarf plants seen in June,17.
This should be Dwarf Asiatic Lily, Lilium 'Orange Pixie'?
most likely, I essentially was going with it,
but I saw some gradations of color in petals so was going to do some more digging
or wait till ... found something more!!!
so if he does not come up with something different we must go with your diagnosis.
I just noticed you were at 1000 islands. did you visit the place where Vivekannada spent a lot of time and meditated.
its unique. if you tune in, one can feel some otherworldly serenity on those rocks. by now there should be a good gardena nd well repaired cottages

We had taken a four day conducted tour from New Jersey.
So we were at 1000 Islands for a boat tour only.
so your boat  went past the end of the island. its only about 3 miles or so from the Alexandria bay boat jetty. ah well next time
There are many other similar cultivars but difficult to make out details at

exactly. I think its futile and fruitless to insist on a specific var name based on snaps taken on the fly. it does not serve a scientific purpose