Litsea quinqueflora

Litsea quinqueflora (Dennst.) Suresh, Interpr. Hort. Malab. 158 1988. (syn. Litsea ligustrina (Nees) J.Hk.);

Small trees; branchlets densely tomentose. Leaves to 20 x 9 cm, obovate, obtuse at apex, acute to the base; nerves 9-11 pairs, reticulate; petiole 2.5 cm long. Peduncle 1.5-2 cm long. Umbellules 10-20 mm across; bracts orbicular, densely tomentose outside. Flowers to 25 in an umbellule, pedicels 4 mm long; perianth lobes 3-5 or absent, 2 mm long, densely hairy; stamens 25-30, filaments bearded.
Flowering and fruiting: April-May
Evergreen and deciduous forests
Southern Western Ghats
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Please help me in identifying this medium-sized tree species found in semi-evergreen patches of Megamalai wls.
Leaf: 8-10 cm long
Place: Megamalai range, Theni, TN
Date: 03 Oct 2013
Alt.: 750 m asl
Litsea sp., perhaps
Yes sir, it looks like a Litsea sp.
Litsea quinqueflora (= Litsea ligustrina