Lauraceae member ?- Chautara, Nepal
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Location: Chautara, Nepal  
Date: 18 December 2017
Altitude: 4800 ft. 
Habit : Wild

Just a guess. The leaves are very similar to Cleistanthus. ... should have a special lookout for the flowers and fruits.

It was not flowering at that time and the location is very far. I shall try when I go there again. 

I'm not that familiar with mountain flora! 
My guess is that it's a laurel (Lauraceae) of some kind, maybe a Machilus or Litsea, but without more detail it's hard to say. The green trunk is curious and probably distinctive...and the glaucous leaves are probably a good clue for someone who is more familiar with montane trees
Try and send close pictures of flowers and fruit if you can, ...

Pl. check species under 
Or try suggestions of ...

Difficult to say with these images.