Actinodaphne species- Kakragad, Uttarakhand

Flowers and Trees from Uttarakhan​d-ID requested_​DS24052011​_SN3:
Another Tree in Kakragad, Uttarakhand on the bank of river Mandikini. April 2011
Again, the fruits of this tree are very much liked by the birds of the region.
It is very common tree in that area, our guide told the local name which I unfortunately cann't remember now.
Species of Actinodaphne of Lauraceae family. Please check, Actinodaphne bourdillonii. 
Yes I agree with ..., This is a Actinodaphne sp. but it is not A. bourdillonii.
A. bourdillonii is endemic to western ghats. Anway this Actinodaphne is not reported in South India. So please check with the Northern Actinodaphne sp.
If the identification is must then please send original pixel photo
Yes my guess was based on the leaves.
And it is true that A. bourdillonii is endemic to the WG.
As ... suggested, may be a close up picture and supporting information such whether the leaves, branches and inflorescence were hairy or not and all would help for further clarification.
Please refer the following link to have an idea of key characters of Actinodaphne