Volkameria glabra (Cultivated)

Volkameria glabra (E. Mey.) Mabb. & Y. W. Yuan, Taxon 59:132. 2010 (syn: (≡) Clerodendrum glabrum E. Mey. (basionym); (=) Clerodendrum glabrum var. vagum (Hiern) Moldenke; (=) Siphonanthus glaber var. vagus Hiern);
Tinderwood; Natal Glorybower;   

Clerodendrum for identification: Another straggling shrub of the family Verbenaceae in Riyadh gardens, appears to be a species of Clerodendrum. Any help for its identity?
Please check with Clerodendrum glabrum E.Mey.
Yes it is confirmed as Clerodendrum glabrum E. Mey and the thread is closed here.

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Very fragrant flowers
One photo taken in Lalbagh where the tree is barely 10 feet high and the other two are taken elsewhere in Bangalore where the tree is much larger.
6th July 
The tree has been identified as Volkameria glabra (E.Mey.) Mabb. & Y.W.Yuan by N. Arun Kumar.

A bush with a bunch of small white flowers at the Butterfly Park in Bannerghatta National Park on 17/3/13.
All the plants there are specially cultivated for butterflies.
Id please.
Looks like Clerodendrum species. Could be one of the varieties of C. glabrum.

Seen inside the Butterfly Park in Bannerghatta National Park.
Syn Volkameria glabra.