Volkameria inermis ?

Volkameria inermis (syn. Clerodendrum inerme) ?; 

This plant I had earlier identified as Clerodendrum inerme but after doubts were raised by ..., I realised that this plant is distinct in much shorter filaments not red in colour and yellow anthers. Please help in ID.
Photographed from Janak Puri, Delhi.
Many ornamental plants are uploaded here and it is nice to see all the photos. But problem in ornamental plants is, its identification as lot of varieties and cultivars are produced in that some times it doesn't look like its mother species.
Indeed the Verbenaceae group was revised by one of my seniors Dr. Rajendran and published the Verbenaceae of India. As he studied this group some 25 years back I do not know whether presently he is able to identify, so I didn't forward to him.
In this context it may be stated that presently in India around 450 spp of Labiates are estimated (incl. some genera transferred from Verbenaceae like Clerodendrum, Callicarpa, ? Tectona etc.)
I have studied nearly 200 spp and my colleagues studied just more than 100. Rest I am to study. The species I worked are mainy distributed in Himalayas and unfortunately except few I didn't get the plants for identification in this fortnight!
I really astonished to see the good photographs uploaded from different corners of India. Thanks for all those who has uploaded the beautiful photos. Hope to see more in this week too.

Plz id this tree: pa56 - 14dec2012: Plz id this tree from mangrove habit near Mankhurd region. ..., this tree is also growing close to the tree no. pa53 that i posted yesterday. Thank you.
To me this seems to be Cleodendrum inerme.
Really difficult to conclude based merely on leaves.
Was is a shrub?
Thank you ... It is around 7 foot height but the trunk was submerged in water. Unfortunately there were no flowers and fruits on the plant.