Stachys floccosa

Stachys floccosa Benth., Labiat. Gen. Spec. 739 1835.;
Stachys floccosa Benth.,
erect stout plant, obtusely angled, densely covered with sift white wool; leaves ovate-oblong to ovate-cordate, up to 10 cm long, lower petiolate, upper sessile; flowers in sessile axillary clusters, nearly 1.5 cm long and up to 8 mm broad, pink; calyx spine-tipped; corolla tube longer than calyx.
Photographed from Gulmarg in Kashmir, growing along hedges.
I finally understood this plant group...... this is our own home grown... stachys ... as the lamb's ear we grew in colder climes in north america...a very useful herb for healing external and internal wounds... since the time
of early chistianity... .

Images by Prashant Awale (Id by Gurcharan Singh) (Inserted by J.M.Garg) (For more images & complete details, click on the links)

Stachys sp. for ID- 211111-PKA2:
Seen this herb at Sankaracharya Hill, Srinagar.
Stem was hairy, flowers pinkish in colour in whorls.
I think this could be Stachys sericea?
Family: Lamiaceae
Date/Time: 24-09-2011 / 12:40PM
Habitat: Wild.

I hope Stachys floccosa
Stachys floccosa Benth., Lab. Gen. et Sp. 739. 1835.
Perennial herb differentiated by its white lanate stems and under surface of leaves; flowers pale pink to purple, 10-12 mm long.
Photographed from Banihal, Kashmir
Lamiaceae for ID ABMAY01/10 : 7 posts by 5 authors.
Near the same stream where I found the dead nettle, I found this similar looking plant. Is it closely related to the Lamium sp.? Please advise. 
Above Mcleodganj, Dharamshala, HP
15 May 2016
This is a Stachys sp..
Thank you once again ... Stachys floccosa, perhaps?

I think matches with images at Stachys floccosa
Thanks, ... for beautiful pictures.
II could not think of this as lamb's ear group. there are more hairs on the stem than on the leaves. if this is indeed Stachys, then what is it? I have not found an answer in my stuff. will have to wait till ... see it
Chamba Higher altitude - id al130811:
This one seems to be some king of Stachys.. but then I could be wrong ..
looking for your advice..
Location Chamba
Altitude 3000 mts
Habit herb
Habitat wild
Plant height 10-12 inches

Appears to be as Stachys floccosa Benth. as per images herein.
Lamiaceae & Verbenaceae Week: Lamiaceae-Stachys sericea: This is one more herb from Manali - Hampta Pass region.
Bot. name: Stachys sericea.
Family: Lamiaceae
Location: Near Cheeka (On the way to hampta Pass), Altitude: approx 10000 ft
Habitat: Wild
Plant Habit herb

You may be having two different species here
One (1312, 1315) with few spreading hairs on stem, longer corolla tube, lighter flower colour ...........................Stachys sericea
One (1328, 1229) with densely woolly stems, broader corolla, darker flower colour and shorter corolla tube......S. floccosa
Watch my S. sericea from Manali and S. floccosa from Kadhmir, uploading
Kalatope id al190511a: Location Kalatope, chamba
Altitude 2000 mts
Habit herb
Habitat wild
Height 2 feet

Could be Stachys sericea.
Yes .. is right. Stachys sericea, though initially I was reluctant because posterior (upper) pair of stamens appears longer (a character of Nepeta), but lower lip is characteristic.
Appears to be as Stachys floccosa Benth. as per images herein.