Salvia officinalis (Cultivated)

SW. Germany to S. Europe as per WCSP;
"Sefakuss" in Hindi;
Plant for ID
From the photo I assume it Salvia officnalis
lamiaceae & verbenaceae week: Salvia officinalis from my garden in Ritterhude:  Here are some fotos of Salvia Officinalis taken in June 2010 from my garden in Ritterhude.
Salvia is native to the Mediterranean region but can be found in gardens in northern regions too. As the name suggests it has healing properties. Tee from Salvia leaves is very good against cold and cough. Fresh and
dry leaves are used in the kitchen in many, mainly in fischrecipies. I have plenty of Salbei in my garden and I cut the branches and hang them over the fireplace. In winter, if we make fire the room is filled with Salbeifragrance. It is also supposed to be insectrepellent.

Adding my pictures of S.officinalis from SF Jun 2011
Salvia officinalis 
SFO Botanical garden