Salvia nemorosa (Cultivated- USA)

Europe to W. Asia as per WCSP;

Albania; Austria; Bulgaria; Czechoslovakia; France; Greece; Hungary; Italy; Northwest European R; Poland; Romania; South European Russi; Spain; Switzerland; Ukraine; Yugoslavia as per Catalogue of Life;

Seen at the garden in October.
Some Sage?

Could be Plectranthus barbatus.

To me looks different from images at Plectranthus barbatus

The reply I recd from the Garden's Planthotline is Salvia Officianalis Garden Sage
But I am not convinced with all their answers.
I am not very sure but the leaves of one plant were aromatic. Not sure if this one. When you see all plants around that are new, its confusing.
Could be Ocimum Species?
Just a guess.
Certainly a Salvia

Now the garden's Planthotline has suggested Salvia Nemorosa ''Hypnotic Blue''.