Pogostemon quadrifolius


Wild plants for Id:
Grows wild in Megalaya.
Flowering time: Oct.
May be Pogostemon quadrifolius (Benth.) F.Muell.
Yes I support ... its Pogostemon quadrifolius (Benth.) F.Muell.
that's interesting...
do you by any chance have more pictures of this : like the leaves and the rest of the plant? and habitat?
Wow what a beauty.
We are sharing Pogostemon deccanensis observed on Deccan plateaus during the Kas week and you have shared its sibling from Meghalaya which is equally beautiful.

ID: Small herb from outskirt of Shillong, Meghalaya.
Flowering time : October.
Some Pogostemon sp. ?
Identified as Pogostemon quadrifolius in another thread

Lamiaceae herb : 5 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3) 
Lamiaceae herb from Pazhayangadi (Payangadi) area of Kannur dt Kerala, leaves like Leucas but there are three leaves in each node.
Pl. check with images at 
Pogostemon quadrifolius (Benth.) F.Muell.

Pogostemon quadrifolius
Common at Pazhayangadi and Madayippara

Yes matches with images at