Mentha spicata
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Please can you help confirming the identification of this Mentha species??? The flowers are not yet available.

I suppose Mentha spicata
Thank u .... But i was wondering, does the purple stem character stand true for M. spicata also??? Is it not specific for M. piperata??? any other sure shot morphological difference between the two species to be distinduished as M. spicata or piperata???

The highly crisped leaves suggest M. crispa (M. aquatica var. crispa) now considered as synonym of M. spicata. Also stem and leaves of M. x piperita are usually hairy. I find them glabrous here.
amituidlamiaceae 1 1162011: Sending photo of Mentha sp. for identification is it Mentha viridis or some
other species kindly help in identification.

Strictly speaking this is Mentha crispa L., was earlier treated as M. aquatica var. crispa but is now considered as synonym of M. spicata L. subsp. spicata. You are correct in your assessment as M. viridis (L.) L. is also now (according to Kew Plant List, 2010) considered as synonym of M. spicata L. subsp. spicata
Thanks Sir, very problematic genus on account of its leaf morphology. Sending another photo of Mentha spicata subsp. spicata
Mentha spicata L., Sp. Pl. 576 1753. Common names: Spearmint
Commonly grown mint plant showing a lot of variation. Photographed from Jammu. 

Mentha spicata L., Sp. Pl. 576 1753.
Common names: Spearmint
Commonly grown mint plant showing a lot of variation. Photographed from Jammu
Flora of Panipat- Mentha spicata from PIET Campus Samalkha Panipat: Mentha spicata from PIET Campus Samalkha Panipat.
A small kitchen garden plant used to make chutney and a special drink JALJIRA
mint flower Pudina: This picture was taken on 28th july 11in my Garden at Tala, Bandhavgarh M.P. India
Indian mint hindi name Pudina.
May i request you to help me for its scientific name Pl. 
I think it is M. spicata only. The species is differentiated from similar species (M. longifolia, M. royleana, and M. x piperita) in its glabrous stems and leaves.
I have uploaded recently from Jammu

Indian Spearmint (Rajasthan Variety) : 2 posts by 2 authors. Please let me know what is the Spearmint varity we get it from Rajastan ? In USA I bought many varietites of Mentha Saptica from the nurseries, but no one matches with the flavour and tates of Indian variety.

Mentha spicata photographed from Magam, Kashmir.

The widely cultivated mint is being submitted, recorded from my native place in Kaithal..
please correct if required !
Mentha spicata ...
nice. were the flowers leaning or is this just your camera position
These are handheld shots
i know that!
my question was why is the long axis of the inflorescence along the long axis of the picture frame itself
where the inflorescence drooping or you turned your camera to capture the entire length?
Oh yes! I wanted to get maximum view, the diagonal frame was also used to get maximum length..

Mentha longifolia or some other species?? Mint in kitchen garden
It is probably M. piperita - Pudina. M. longifolia found in Himalayas only
I think it should be Mentha spicata as per images herein.;+path%3D/;;+expires%3DTue,+03-Jul-2018+09:13:45+GMT&vt=ANaJVrGunairEXrQRmzizWHqwj5XBB8tKZoshC7vZ6t7mbK2wwhGPbbOVcwyyfoTvICuuaelSXKc3dPOPKIZmFW1yG0owEbM5C8Gpm53H7oQlSVFK_B7VSg
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Location : Gyaneswor , Kathmandu, Nepal
Date : 21 August 2017
Elevation :  4500 ft.
Habit : Cultivated 

To me also appear close to images at 
Thank you ...!  Nepali Names : पुदिना Pudinaa / बाबरी Baabaree / पतिना Patinaa

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Mentha piperita
June 2019

Mentha spicata 
I had procured some plants from the Dr. Y.S. Parmar University if Horticulture and Forestry, Solan. 
It tastes very good in green tea. 
To me also appears more closer to Mentha spicata rather than Mentha × piperita, as per images and details therein.
Yes, ... You are right. 
There was some mixing on my behalf after purchase from Dr. Y.S. Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry, Solan.,+05-Nov-2020+10:40:45+GMT

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Is it a kind of Ocimum?
Clicked on 15 July, 2020
Mentha arvensis L. !
Mentha arvensis 
Can it not be Mentha spicata L. , as per comparative images at Mentha?
Please send images of habitat, abaxial and adaxial leaf for detail scrutiny !
Yes, appears more close to images and details at Mentha spicata