Mentha arvensis ?

Mentha arvensis ?;,Flower%20Show-DSCN1134.JPG?part=0.1&view=1&vt=ANaJVrGHBqxrzdycvOcxj4D0h4n7HeYJ2O1jfCE6cjG1TvEm03PPNNs_CR1wHf9sPUEO1xxQYlDzSDv6r7bbeOF-b4dbDLe4eoa8v3xaIV_7FA-6_kh6GNc
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Ocimum seen at the flower show on 19/2/11.
Longer leaves, it was probably in medicinal plant section at the show.
it reminds me of Mentha arvensis rather than Ocimum
..., you could be right.
The leaves were longer than the ones you have in Ocimum

Seen at the Flower Show in Mumbai.
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