Leucas zeylanica

Small erect herbs; branches villous. Leaves to 6 x 1 cm, elliptic, obtuse at apex, scabrous; petiole 5 mm long. Heads terminal and upper axillary; bracts 6 mm long, linear, acute, ciliate. Flowers 10-20 in a head; calyx 6 mm long, mouth slightly oblique, teeth 1 mm long, scabrous; corolla tube 7 mm long, upper lip obovate, with black hairs, midlobe of lower lip rounded. 
Flowering and fruiting: May-July 
Grasslands and savannahs, also in the plains 
South and South East Asia
(From India Biodiversity Portal (Leucas zeylanica (L.) R. Br.)

Leucas zeylanica (L.) Aiton f. : 3 posts by 2 authors.  
FoC has Leucas zeylanica (L.) R. Br. but these illustrations are of Leucas zeylanica (L.) Aiton f. - http://plantillustrations.org/species.php?id_species=600245
Both of the above synonymous?
Correct citation is Leucas zeylanica (L.) Aiton f., Hortus kew. ed. 2, 3:409. 1811 (R. Brown, Prodr. 504. 1810, nom. inval.) as per GRIN (updated in 2014) with comments as below:
  • Brown cited Phlomis zeylanica L. as a member of Leucas but did not actually make this combination in 1810 (Melbourne ICN Art. 35.2)
  • the generic treatment and the species description in Hortus kewensis is not attributed to "Brown mss." so W. T. Aiton is the author of the name (see Melbourne ICN Art. 46 Ex. 23) 

Thanks ... I am not sure whom to follow, TPL, GRIN or
IPNI lists it as L. zeylanica (L.) R.Br. .... also noted, as GRIN, "Remarks: Index Kewensis gives R.Brown, Prodr. (1810) 504, but although the combination is indicated by Brown, it is not validly made."
Whatever maybe it is clear that we/they are talking about same taxon.
Leucas aspera (Willd.) Link from Assam KD 01 Sept 2015 : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (6)
Attached images are Leucas aspera (Willd.) Link from Assam.
Date :
Location: Assam
Family : Lamiaceae
Genus & species : Leucas aspera (Willd.) Link
Habitat: Grows wild on open spaces.
Habit : Herb

I am confused about it.
Hope this is also Leucas aspera (Willd.) Link
Pl. confirm or otherwise.

This is Leucas zeylanica



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