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Goa, Kolem, roadsides, somewhat straggling.
Leucas species in eFloraofindia (with details/ keys from published papers/ regional floras/ FRLHT/ FOI/ Biotik/ efloras/ books etc., where ever available)  
looks like Leucas chinensis
This is Leucas biflora i thoght 
bcoz here stem looks quadrangular, leaves petiolate lanceolate 
I remember you identified my thread of Leucas biflora.
Usually in L. biflora (Vahl) Sm. number of flowers per whorl is 1 to 4 (sometimes upto 6) and flowers are pedicellate. Here the number of flowers seems to be more than biflora and those flowers look sessile. Moreover flowers are densely arranged.
So, I request you to reconsider the ID of this species.
It is interesting to note that account of Leucas chinensis (Retz.) R. Br. in FoC is a bit different than Indin sites like http://keralaplants.in/keralaplantsdetails.aspx?id=Leucas_chinensis. Also one has to take note of calyx mouth http://apps.kew.org/herbcat/getImage.do?imageBarcode=K000929492.
Interestingly, there is also one Leucas mollissima var. chinensis, one L. chinensis var. lanata ... etc which KEW thinks are synonyms of L. chinensis.
find out difference between two here please
i have seen L biflora not L chinensis so you only decide
I am happy that ... is back armed with his websites and solutions with nomenclatural and identification problems.  I am sure now I will get the correct identity.
I hesitate to say that this plate or photograph is not enough to identify the plant at species level. I am sorry Smita Ji I couldn't find differences of L. biflora and L. chinensis in the FoC and pdf links you have provided. I already have the pdf paper since 2012 - efi thread. And when I write "account of Leucas chinensis (Retz.) R. Br. in FoC is a bit different than Indian sites" it means I have read FoC description.

While some authors think that L. biflora doesn't form flowering whorl, and quite naturally when we see that usually there are only 1 or 2 flowers per verticillaster, other authors use the term "whorl" when they note presence of 4 or more flowers.

Let's see what are Smita Ji's points -
  • "stem looks quadrangular" = L. chinensis stem is or can be quadrangular
  • "leaves petiolate" - as per Kerala site (I have pasted link earlier) L. chinensis leaves have petioles 0.5 to 3.5 cm long. So informs Indian Biodiversity Portal. In KEW herb petiolate leaf can be seen. Same can be seen in Taiwan site Attached here Retzius' account.
  • "leaves lanceolate" = this is one thing I fail to find any ref. But I do not think only leaf shape can reject a probable ID. Because things are more favourable to L. chinensis thank to L. biflora.
..., I also never seen L. chinensis but then I didn't see many many species.... yet I try.
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That's what exactly i said on the basis of two links i have given i thought it is L biflora 
but as i said i have never seen L chinensis it is up to you to decide 
as you have come to conclusion it is L chinensis
i mean i stand corrected 
Leucas chinensis
The problem is TPL thinks L. chinensis, L. chinensis var. lanata, L. mollisima var. chinensis ....all synonymous (with one or more star rating). But FoC thinks otherwise -
Unfortunately FoC doesn't feature L. biflora.
It is interesting to note IPNI detail on Leucas chinensis R. Br. The protologue can be found (attached herewith also) at http://biodiversitylibrary.org/page/36315781#page/372/mode/1up.. More, interesting is account of Leucas by Brown in that protologue. Here is an illustration of decemdentata (it's a different taxon in TPL) - http://plantillustrations.org/illustration.php?id_illustration=56143&mobile=0&code_category_taxon=.
  • Leucas biflora
IPNI informs"basionym not stated" for Leucas biflora (Vahl) Sm. Protologue of Leucas procumbens Thwaites can be found at http://www.biodiversitylibrary.org/page/528167#page/247/mode/1up This protologue refers Wight's illustration. Attached herewith Wight's account of the species.
I think I have provided ample links of websites for nomenclature and identification problems.
Unless we have the "work(s)" mentioned in another thread, along with more elaborate photographs of this species nothing is confirmed.
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How about Leucas chinensis? Pl check this link- India Biodiversity portal: http://indiabiodiversity.org/species/show/251140
I would like to put a question mark on its identity as Leucas chinensis (Retz.) R. Br. The species usually has 3-8 flowers per whorl; 1-1.5 cm long calyx tube, abruptly dilated mouth, broadly triangular spreading teeth -- all these characters are not clear in the attached photographs.

This can't be L. biflora as well.

L. montana (Roth.) Spreng can be straggler, but have truncate or rounded leaf base. L. lanata var. lanata, an erect perennial, has rounded or slightly narrowed leaf base. L. decemdentata var. decemdentata, an annual can have cuneate leaf base (L. chinensis also).

So, id of this one remains unresolved.