Leucas eriostoma

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Stout, suffruticose undershrubs, upto 1 m high; stem and branches 4-gonous, hispid with long spreading hairs, degree of hairiness highly variable. Leaves opposite, 5-10 x 0.5-4 cm, linear, linear-lanceolate or lanceolate, obtuse or acute, narrowed at base to the short petiole, obtusely serrate, hirsute both sides with long spreading hairs, thick, gland-dots inconspicuous; veins 5-7 pairs, very oblique, raised beneath, impressed above. Flower whorls 1-2.5 cm in diam., terminal and axillary. Bracts 7-9 mm long, as long as calyx or longer, linear, plumose or pectinately villous, tips recurved or not. Calyx-tube 5-10 mm long, tubular-campanulate, straight, narrowed above the nutlets, ribbed and hispid in the upper part, glabrous in lower region; mouth truncate; villi present; teeth 10, about 1 mm long, equal, linear-subulate, sparsely hairy, ciliate, erect, not recurved, not spinulose at tip, shorter than villi or rarely equalling. Corolla-tube included within the calyx, pilose annulate within towards base, hairy outside at the top; lips almost equal, upper one bearded with long white hairs, lower lip 3-lobed and pubescent on outer surface. Anthers glabrous. Nutlets ca 2 mm long, oblong.
Flowering and fruiting: November-March
Southern Western Ghats (Endemic)
(Attributions- Dr. N Sasidharan (Dr. B P Pal Fellow), Kerala Forest Research Institute, Peechi 
from India Biodiversity Portal )              


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Leucas eriostoma Hook.f. wild herb from Tidiandmul area of Coorg, Karnataka

My flora picture of the year 2014 : 3 posts by 3 authors.
I used travel different parts of southern India every month to a nice location in order to explore the flora of the area. Usually I will be in the field by early morning. I will be in the field up to 2- 3 O clock. I used to move very slowly by observing the flora and taking the photographs using different back grounds. Some times i used collect some samples 500 g - 1 kg for research work. In my journey I happened to see several interesting taxa. If I check I may get a list. Among them I selected one plant for my flora picture of the year. Leucas eriostoma Hook.f. is my flora picture of the year 2014. I saw this taxa first time, I found this from Tidyandmul area of Coorg, which is an interior area adjacent to some coffee cultivation. The vegetation is unique and human movement is also less there. 
... thanks for sharing this not-so-common (perhaps rare) species of Leucas.
A justified picture for flora pic of the year !
Thanks, ..., for such regular travels & making them available on efloraofindia.
Wonderful & rare find.
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Leucas eriostoma Hook.f., from Medikere, Theerthahalli,  Karnataka