Leucas ciliata ?

Leucas ciliata ?;


Herb on roadsides, Kolem, Goa, for ID.
So many species of Leucas really confusing
Interesting though
efi page on Leucas cephalotes    
..., it is Leucas ciliata ... the upper lip with yellowish brown hairs, and the spherical cluster, is tell-tale.
It is Leucas cephalotes, a common weed through out.
This is Leucas ciliata  
I am also inclined towards Leucas ciliate
I once again thank everybody.
Perhaps this should help
  L. cephalotes                                                 L. ciliaris
1. Verticillaster single terminal head                1. Verticillasters more than one perstem
2. Bracts lanceolate, exceeding calyx               2. Bracts linear, shorter than calyx
3. Calyx teeth barely 1mm long                       3. calyx teeth about 3 mm long
4. Calyx softly pubescent                                 4. Calyx hispid

Thank you Sir, We will try.
Thanks, ... What we should take it finally ?