Leucas aspera ?

Leucas aspera ?;
Leucas for ID
Munnar Kerala
One more picture
Leucas lavandulifolia looks very likely.
It looks like Leucas aspera
efi page on Leucas aspera
To me, except for two or three threads where pictures are not at all clear to identify the species, none of the threads accepted as L. aspera is L. aspera (Willd.) Link, no matter who identified those threads.
The picture in this thread doesn't have enough resolution to determine species level id.
Leucas lanata Benth. (accepted name) ?? : 6 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3)  
Location: Pokhara , Nepal
Altitude:  2600 ft.
Date: 27 July l 2015
Looks different from images at Leucas lanata
Pl. check with the images at Leucas aspera (Willd.) Link 
I do not think  that the plant (in the photograph) has softly wooly desnely haired. In L.lanata  the leaves are densely covered with woolly hairs so that they appear silvery and leaves are short-stalked
It could be a variety of L. aspera
I still guess it is matching more to L. lanata as leaf pattern does not 
look like matching with L. aspera.
Altitude matching with the link below but flowering is a couple of weeks earlier due to climatic change.