Lamium purpureum (Europe)?

Lamium purpureum ?;
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This plant was found on the river bank of the Rhine river near Zurich, CH. Please provide ID.
It looks rather like Lamium maculatum.

Purpur taubnessel

Thank you ... for the ID. Purpur taubnessel is Lamium purpureum as per Wiki.
My immediate thought is that it is Red Dead Nettle (Lamium purpureum), but Henbite (Lamium amplexicaule) also looks pretty similar.
Thank you so much for the feedback.
I found a key at which is as follows:
All four species are natives of Europe, two of them known in cultivation and the other two weeds.
1. Corolla ca. 19–26 mm long, the tube curved upward; plants perennial; leaves acute and all petioled.
2. Corolla white, the upper lip ciliate with long hairs (at least 0.5 mm) and usually pilose above as well; terminal tooth of largest cauline leaves prolonged or ± acuminate, often 9 mm or more long.      L. album
2. Corolla pink to purplish [albinos rare], the upper lip with hairs less than 0.5 mm; terminal tooth of largest cauline leaves less than 9 mm long.    L. maculatum
1. Corolla ca. 9–19 mm long, the tube straight; plants annual; leaves acute to rounded in outline, all or only the lower ones petioled.
3. Leaves subtending flowers sessile, ascending or at most horizontal, slightly broader than long (± reniform in overall outline).   L. amplexicaule
3. Leaves subtending flowers short-petioled, reflexed, the blade about as long as broad or a little longer.    L. purpureum
I am not able to nail down the ID of my plant based on this key. Would it be possible to arrive at the correct ID based on my photographs?

Thanks, ..., Based on the keys, I will go for Lamium purpureum rather than Lamium amplexicaule if the Corolla is ca. 9–19 mm long
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please identify the plant growing on a road side from Warsaw.
It may possibly be Purple deadnettle (Lamium purpureum). I an not certain as I cannot see the leaves separate from the other plants growing nearby.
Or this can be Prunella sp. ..