Gmelina arborea ?

Gmelina arborea ?;
Tree For ID : 24OCT16 : AK-30 : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (2)
These pictures are not taken by me.
They have been sent by a friend from Rajpipla in Gujarat.
The leaves look like those of Gmelina arborea to me.
Would appreciate expert opinion.
Tree for ID : Oman : 090712 : AK-1: A huge garden tree with big, dark green leaves photographed in Muscat on 27/4/12 & 5/7/12.
Haven't observed any flowers or fruits.
Any clues?
Thanks for a possible id.
Gmelina did come to my mind too as the shape of the leaves is similar, but the leaves are bigger & darker in color.
Also the bark is different.
gmelina arborea looks correct. just look closely at the base of the blade, look for glands. if yes. one more confirmation of this being gmelina arborea.
flowering time in india is in march, yellow flowers appear when the canopy has very few leaves.