Elsholtzia griffithii

Elsholtzia griffithii Hook.f., Fl. Brit. India 4: 644 1885. (syn: Elsholtzia communis (Collett & Hemsl.) Diels);

Assam; Myanmar; Nepal; Thailand as per Catalogue of Life;

Nepal to N. Myanmar as per WCSP;

Common name: Lomba • Manipuri: লোম্বা Lomba • Mizo: Mauhri • Tangkhul: Yongpa • Zomi/Mizo: Lengmasel

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Location : Saiha, Mizoram
Date :02-12-2017
Habit : Aromatic herb
Habitat : Cultivated
Mizo name : Lengser/ Lengmaser

I could not find distribution of Elsholtzia communis in India as per google search and as per the following:
except for some records as per:
Also unable to know if they look different from herbarium of this species as per the following links:
On the other hand it looks similar to Elsholtzia griffithii (with distribution in India- Assam; Myanmar; Nepal; Thailand) as per the following:
Now it is upto you to decide.
In India the species Elsholtzia communis is not found in India. In herbaria some Anisochilus sp fruiting specimens were wrongly identified as E Communis.
The attached 2015 paper (Blumea 59, 2015: 209–214) reduced Elsholtzia communis (Collett & Hemsl.) Diels to a synonym of Elsholtzia griffithii Hook.f. 
Thanks, ..., for further clarifying the matter.