Congea tomentosa ?

Sorry for the bad picture quality.
Id please. Thanks.
Color suggests Congea tomentosa, but I can't make a positive ID with the lack of close-up quality.

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Location: Sangu Matamuri Wildlife Sanctuary, Bandarban 
Flowering: February
Picture taken: February, 2019

cant seem to enlarge the picture and still get in focus picture. are these things red fruits or flower buds???
ps and what about the whole tree, its trunk, bark, height, soil type etc
Looks like some Combretaceae.....or Verbenaceae

Can you post the original image to see the details?
Picture not very clear. But looks like Wooly Congea to me.
not so
Here is a clear image (9.3 Mb)
thanks … now i can see the 3 bracts correctly and its centre is still vague, i see some blurred images of the tiny flowers. so its Congea sp. but cant see the Wooly type of innards. cant classify it don further.
compare your pictures with one that has real
my final dx: congea sp.
if you get to go there again, take a more detailed close up of the flowers in nise the showy bracts and the real leaves that go with these flowers.
your picture a lot of other leaves
Thanks, l will try. However, it was located on hill top and also top of tree. I have made this by telephoto lens.
Congea tomentosa. Pinkish-mauve bract is attract the people. Thanks for all of your effort!


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