Coleus shoolamudianus

Coleus shoolamudianus (Sunil & Naveen Kum.) Smitha & A.J.Paton, PhytoKeys 129: 97 (2019). (syn: Anisochilus shoolamudianus Sunil & Naveen Kum., Webbia 70: 217 (2015).);

India (Kerala) as per WCSP;

Image by Dr. C. N. Sunil

Fwd: identification of Anisochilus : 1 correct image as above.
.............  Here I am attaching the images of ... Anisochilus shoolamudianus

Anisochilus shoolamudianus (Lamiaceae): a new species from Western Ghats (India) - C.N. Sunil, V.V. Naveen Kumar, K.H. Amitha Bachan & M.G. Sanilkumar- Webbia  Journal of Plant Taxonomy and Geography Volume 70, 2015 -  Issue 2