Callicarpa rubella

E. Himalaya to S. China and Malesia as per WCSP;

Assam; Bangladesh; Cambodia; China South-Central; China Southeast; East Himalaya; Hainan; Jawa; Laos; Malaya; Myanmar; Philippines; Sulawesi; Sumatera; Thailand; Vietnam as per Catalogue of Life;
MS July, 2018/01 for ID : 9 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (3)
Location : Ailawng, Mizoram
Date : 05-07-2018
Habit : Undershrub
Habitat : Wild


Callicarpa formosana listed in India ? 

Callicarpa formosana syn. of Callicarpa pedunculata R.Br. have distribution in Assam and East Himalaya as per the following:

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Location : Ailawng, Mizoram
Date : 24-10-2018
Habit Shrub
Habitat : Wild

Looks like Callicarpa longifolia.

yes. this would make a nice addition. with the berry photos of this species.
For me the ID is correct i.e. Callicarpa longifolia 

Looks different from images at Callicarpa longifolia Lam.
It is Callicarpa rubella Lindl. posted earlier by ... from the same place and we had a long discussion as per details herein.