Juglans sigillata

Juglans sigillata Dode, Bull. Soc. Bot. France 2: 94 1906. ;

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Id of the plant in Sikkim pl
Interesting inflorescence
Meliaceae? Anacardiaceae??

Looks like Engelhardia spicata to me.
I think Engelhardtia spicata Lechen ex Blume in budding stage (Juglandaceae)
Looks like Juglans regia Linn
Yes, good point, it is more likely Juglans, but it is not J. regia (too many leaflets), rather J. sigillata which I have found common in NE India and N Myanmar.
Should be Juglans regia as per keys in Flora of China.
No, as I said, J. sigillata. The key in FoC shows this. A simple leaflet count is all that is required, not least the leaflet size uniformity.
Thanks, ... Sorry I was confused.