Iris variegata (Cultivated)

C. & SE. Europe to Ukraine as per WCSP;
Iris variegata L., Sp. pl. 1:38. 1753
syn: Iris amoena Redoute; Iris flavescens Redoute
Similar looking to common bearded Iris germanica but shorter growing, barely up to 45 cm, with flowering stems almost as tall as leaves, branched; leaves sword shaped up to 25 mm wide, distinctly nerved; flowers yellow variegated with purple or chesnut, in 1-4 clusters each spathe usually 2-3-flowered; spathe-valves green, inflated, rarely very narrowly scarious margined; perianth tube 20-25 mm long; falls obovate-oblong, nearly 20 mm wide, yellow with purple or chestnut veins, darker coloured towards the apex, beard yellow forming a central line in lower part; standards erect, yellow, with brown veined claw; capsule 22-28 mm long, 10-13 mm broad, 6-ribbed.
Cultivated in gardens in Kashmir, suitable for beds due to low height.
Photographed from Herbal Garden Kashmir.
Gorgeous... So brightly colored lily
Iris sp for ID from Badrinath Uttarakhand: June 2014_DSR_11 : 6 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (5)
This Iris species was photographed in a flower bed of Indian army.
Plants are 10-15 inches tall. Never seen it in wild in Uttarakhand; probably cultivated species.
Please suggest the ID.
This is the first time i see this beautiful flower of an unknown genus. One hort. named as "LORELEY" looks similar. But size should be a little large (a cm or two would fit- !). But there is closely looking cultivar too which are unidentified - (please scroll below to see look alike). Perhaps these are all originated from Iris germanica L.
Yes ... Your links suggest it as Iris x germanica L. and I now feel that it is a cultivated plant only.
I think it should be Iris variegata- efi thread

I also have some of my specimens under I. germanica (may be wrongly). This should help
I. germanica: Flowering stems longer than leaves; leaves 3-4 cm wide; perianth tube 2.5 cm long.
I. variegata: Flowering stems shorter or equalling leaves; leaves 2 cm wide; perianth tube 2 cm long
Thank you ... This thread introduces me to a new genus (though I have a copy of Polunin & Stainton!). Now, it appears to me it is closer to ... id, at least as per height of the plant (besides those differences keyed in by Sir) - 
Interestingly, as per FoNA and KEW Iris x germanica itself is a hybrid of I. variegata and KEW thinks the former is a low growing one with many cultivars.
Iris germanica from Kashmir - efloraofindia | Google Groups : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3)
Iris germanica from Kashmir, one of the most popular species grown in a variety of colour combinations. Photographed from Gulmarg on June 20, 2010
Common Names: German flag, German Iris

Nice catch Sir ji, probably this plant was uploaded by Nalini Ji a month ago.
Yes ..., a very common plant
I think it should be Iris variegata L. as per images herein.