Hypoxis hemerocallidea (Cultivated- USA)

Hypoxis hemerocallidea Fisch., C.A.Mey. & Avé-Lall., Index Seminum (LE) 8: 64 1842. (Syn: Hypoxis elata Hook.f. [Illegitimate]; Hypoxis obconica Nel; Hypoxis patula Nel; Hypoxis rooperi T.Moore; Hypoxis rooperi var. forbesii Baker);

S. Trop. & S. Africa as per WCSP;

Botswana; Cape Provinces; Free State; KwaZulu-Natal; Lesotho; Mozambique; Northern Provinces; Swaziland; Zimbabwe as per Catalogue of Life;

Seen at the garden.

May be from 

Thanks ... Looks close.
Could be Hypoxis hemerocallidea?

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I guess matching. Thank you. Saroj Kasaju
I guess matching.