Hypericum species- Soureni, Mirik,West Bengal

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Location: Soureni, Mirik, India
Date: 19 May 2017
Altitude: 4000 ft. 
Hypericum cordifolium Choisy  ???

I am unable to recall the name. Pl. Check comparative images at efi site. 
Could not decide. Could someone help ?
Pl. Check for flower buds with expanded calyx in comparative images.
I think there is only one species like this.
Pl. Check for flower buds with expanded calyx in comparative images. I think only one species is having it. 
Yes ...! Sepals look quite different compared to efi images.
Matches with images of Hypericum dyeri Rehder except that sepals are not Sepals linear or narrowly oblong-lanceolate.
Is this a variation or some other similar species not found in Flora of Pakistan as per keys here in ?
Pl. Check species in Flora of Nepal, which are not there in Flora of Pakistan. 
Hypericum uralum Buch.-Ham. ex D. Don !
No, these are different from Hypericum uralum as stamens are longer (in comparison to style and corolla lobes) and sepals are acuminate and not acute).