Philadelphus tomentosus

Philadelphus tomentosus Wall. ex G. Don, Gen. Hist. 2: 807 807 1832. (Syn: Philadelphus coronarius var. tomentosus Hook. f. & Thomson);
Kindly identify the plant.
Date: 17th May 2011.
Location: Paddar valley district Kishtwar J&K.
Altitude: 2000 meters asl.
Plant height: 1-1.5 mtrs
Plant habit/habitat: Wild shrub
Flowers are not in focus, but most likely Philadelphus tomentosus

VoF Week :: DV :: 01 AUG 12 - 0200 :: fruiting tree along Govind Ghat - Ghangaria trail:  1 AUG 12
Govind Ghat - Ghangaria trail ... about 8400 ft
Habitat: mountain slope
Habit: tree, about 10 - 12 m high; fruits seen. ... will be happy to know ID to genus level
You seem to have mixed two trees
Your 1, 3, 4, 5, 7 I hope are Philadelphus tomentotus
2 and 6 with winged fruit Euonymus fimbriatus
..., I am thoroughly surprised:
1. Indeed there were two trees nearby. I realize I had not bothered to check their leaves in spite of seeing the difference in fruits.
2. Expected only to fetch genus due to less of aspects in photos, you have provided me two full IDs.
VoF Week: Philadelphus tomentotus from the way to Ghangriya:
Philadelphus tomentotus from the way to Ghangriya
pls validate
Yes ... Good photographs
A small typo It should be Philadelphus tomentosus
Family: Saxifragaceae
Philadelphus tomentosus from Uttarakhand: Aug2014_DSR_12 : 4 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2).  
Philadelphus tomentosus Wall. ex G.Don (Hydrangeaceae) is a temperate shrub in Uttarakhand. Produce beautiful and fragrant flowers during June.
Photographed in Sunderdhunga Valley, Uttarakhand. 
Very beautiful find ...
Please validate if the picture attached is of same species, I could not find flowers, this is fruiting twig only, shot from near Ghanghariya during VOF visit..
Yes ..., it is same to mine.