Ribes heterotrichum ?

Ribes heterotrichum C.A. Mey. (syn: Grossularia adenophylla Rupr.; Ribes orientale var. heterotrichum (C.A. Mey.) Jancz.) ?;

Afghanistan (Wakhan), Siberia (W-Siberia), Tajikistan, Pakistan (Chitral), China (N-Xinjiang), Mongolia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan as per Catalogue of Life;

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Please help in I'd.
Kashmir, 1800 m, shrub, 

What are the species reported from your area ? 

As per Eflora of Pakistan, 5 species reported..

Seems matching.

that much reddish tinge makes me wonder if it is Ribes sanguinary or not though ... says its Ribes orientale, i must go with it

But Flora of Pakistan key says:
Flowers greenish or yellowish .... R. orientale
Flowers reddish or purplish..... other species (…)

I tried almost all the species listed in Flora of Pakistan, but could not find a match as per
except for closeness with Ribes heterotrichum as per