Seemannia sylvatica (Cultivated)

Seemannia sylvatica (Kunth) Hanst. (syn: Achimenes albescens Rusby; Fritschiantha benaryi (Regel) Kuntze; Fritschiantha cuneata (Rusby) Kuntze; Fritschiantha major (Baill.) Kuntze; Fritschiantha sylvatica (Kunth) Kuntze; Fritschiantha sylvatica var. aurea Kuntze; Fritschiantha sylvatica var. coccinea Kuntze; Fritschiantha uniflora (Baill.) Kuntze; Gesneria adenantha Fisch. ex Hanst.; Gesneria oxyphylla DC.; Gesneria quadrifolia Warsz. ex Hanst.; Gesneria sylvatica Kunth; Gloxinia sylvatica (Kunth) Wiehler; Seemannia albescens (Rusby) Fritsch; Seemannia benaryi Regel; Seemannia cuneata Rusby; Seemannia latifolia Fritsch; Seemannia regnelliana Fritsch; Seemannia ternifolia Regel; Seemannia uniflora Baill.);   
South America as per Catalogue of Life;

Common name: Bolivian Sunset Gloxinia, Hardy Gloxinia
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I have seen only one photo of Rhododendron keysii on efloraofindia.
I am inserting few more photos of same species (?) (please confirm). These photos were taken on 29 JUL 2017 at Redearth Kabini Resort, Badanekuppe, Hosmala Village 571114. 

Does not matches with images at Rhododendron keysii 

The ventricose shape of corolla made me think that it is Rhododendron keysii.
I observed the leaves in my photo. The leaves have white dots. The veins appear very faintly and more lengthwise than horizontal.
The photo on eflora site has leaves with almost horizontal veins.
So specimen I photographed may not be Rhododendron keysii
Then the question remains. What is this species?

Close up of the leaf.
1 image
I stumbled upon a photo of plant called Seemannia sylvatica on Flowers of India. 
This is very close to my photographs.