Pentaphragma horsfieldii (Malaysia)

Pentaphragma horsfieldii (Miq.) Airy Shaw, Kew Bull. 8: 249 1953. (syn: Cyrtandra horsfieldii Miq.; Pentaphragma scortechinii King & Gamble; Pentaphragma sumatrana Ridl.);

peninsular Malaysia (Perak, Pahang, Selangor, Melaka) as per Catalogue of Life;
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Fraser's hill - 17/07/2014 - afternoon
Probably a Gesneriaceae member?
May be a species of Pentaphragma (Pentaphragmataceae)
The genus Cyrtandromoea and family Gesneriaceae. I am not sure about the species name.
These two photographs look like Epithema of Gesneriaceae. There are so many species extending from Africa to India and SE, Asia. Therefore I am unable to identify the species.
Sorry, from these photographs I could reach only up to the generic name. It is impossible to proceed further unless full plant is examined and dissected.
I just had a look into the efi-homepage and came across a plant running under "Gesneriaceae member- Fraser's hill, Malaysia"
This is not a gesneriad, but definitely a Pentaphragma, most probably P.  horsfieldii, of the family Pentaphragmataceae (Asteridae).
so we did really not have a conclusion on this case way back in 2014, I am glad ... found it