Corytoplectus capitatus (Cultivated- USA)

Corytoplectus capitatus (Hook.) Wiehler, Phytologia 27: 313 1973. (syn: Alloplectus capitatus Hook.;  Alloplectus speciosus hort. ex Hook.; Columnea capitata (Hook.) Kuntze; Crantzia capitata (Hook.) Fritsch; Macrochlamys speciosus Decne.);  

South America as per Catalogue of Life;

Plant seen inside the Conservatory. 
Alloplectus or Corytoplectus?
Looks similar to your suggested id of Alloplectus or Corytoplectus as per:
Corytoplectus capitatus ? 

wish you had photographed the whole plant with more of the leaves and stalks showing. seems close but.....
Here are more pictures....
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