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Comparative images of this family except for Aeschynanthus, Didymocarpus & Henckelia genera are given below:

Images by Bhagyashri Ranade (Identified by Rahul Sharma at Indian Flora)

Lysionotus chatungii M.Taram, A.P Das & H.Tag (Arunachal Pradesh in North-Eastern India)

Lysionotus gamosepalus W.T.Wang (East Himalaya, Tibet as per POWO)

Rhynchotechum parviflorum Blume (East Himalaya, Jawa, Lesser Sunda Is., Malaya, New Guinea, Nicobar Is., Sulawesi, Vietnam as per POWO)

Species, genera & family pages of‎‎‎ ‎‎Gesneriaceae are now with images. I request you to pl. go through & point out mistakes, if any. I hope this will aid in identifications in future. If anybody can send images of other species of this family (for incorporation in the website), if any, or can identify unidentified images, it will be really nice.

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