Geranium species- Mukruti NP, Nilgiris, TN
Nilgiris: Creeper for identification 191112MK01: Please help me to identify this creeper plant found on the grasslands of high altitude Nilgiris. Commonly seen on wet soil. Is this Ranunculaceae?
Date: 20 Oct 2012
Place: Mukruti NP, Nilgiris, TN
Alt.: 2350 m asl
Geranium sp. I hope.
I think it might be Erodium sp. We have a species here, Erodium texanum, that greatly resembles the photo. Erodium is classified with Geranium.
Lower right photo.
The most remarkable feature for identification would be the seed pod, which "looks" like a stork's bill. It has a long, tapering pointed part, resembling a bird's bill, attached to a rounded case. This plant has medicinal uses, and if it is not native, someone may have imported it.
Photos taken west of Phoenix, Arizona. Notice in the middle photograph, upper left, two seed pods.

Yes ..., I am sorry for putting up two plants in same post.
First two pics: Erodium moschatum (L.) L' Herit is the only plant reported in Nilgiris for the genus. Next time when I visit the place, I try to look at the bill-like fruits. Attaching one more picture of the same. E. moschatum is a European origin.
The last three pics may be Geranium sp.
No apology needed. It was readily apparent.
Yes, that new photo looks like Erodium. This plant is probably much more widespread than it might seem at first. The only difference between your plant and mine is that the flower of mine is a much more intense color.
One of your earlier photos looked like it had a partly decayed fruit, rather dried up.
The basic difference between Geranium and Erodium is that leaves of former are palmately lobed and in latter pinnately lobed or divided. The flowers and fruits look similar.
Not Erodium ... as indicated earlier. I have photographed Erodium moschatum here in California, with much larger pinnate leaves.
If you can send me the list of species of Geranium and Erodium reported from the area, I may help to fix your species. Fruits of Geranium and Erodium look simlar with similar beaks.
These are two different species of Geranum. No question of Erodium, as I have indicated above. I had uploaded Erodium moschatum and E. cicutarium separately to clear the doubt.
Please see these
The images are of Geranium nepalense.

Thanks, ...
But posted images look different from images of Geranium nepalense Sweet
I am unable to find out Geranium species found in wild in south.
May I request you to pl. let us know, if you are aware.
Further what last three images are of ?