Geranium species- Lahoul, Himachal Pradesh,%20Lahoul%20%20(Chris%20Chadwell).JPG?part=0.2&view=1&vt=ANaJVrHsiTU8vkEKiAD-G10iNS0qz-edZpzhw5iJBaV2L9HHI86SRH1kOtjvbCO0U3t0mzOPLbfUvsdkxEA4VDAt53zp7x1b3yxnw3zhRU4w-XrrZy8fUCM'meadow'%20%20beside%20irrigated%20fields%20in%20Miyah%20Nullah,%20Lahoul%20in%201980s%20(Chris%20%20Chadwell).jpg?part=0.1&view=1&vt=ANaJVrFLdherUD171Dx7EDeemZvDD4JN3K8G__PCHnMIx8QOO7JG1XJJ-QEfRkgB_Cvc3DHMxPe7oDY8CYIcpigWLjKqJtPy6-oGbQESxRuhJLbybD45HeQ
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I attach 3 images of Geraniums taken in Lahoul - the first a distant shot of a 'meadow' beside an irrigated field in Miyah Nullah.
Nos 2 & 3 were taken near Patseo.
I know what I consider them to be.  What do other members think?

Disappointed that nobody has suggested an identification.
I shall comment further about my present understanding of Geraniums in Ladakh but for the time-being will say that I am in agreement with the listing by Dickore & Klimes (2005) for Ladakh of:
Geranium himalayense
G.pratense susbp. stewartianum (though have not seen it in Ladakh myself - the nearest being Baltal near Sonamarg at the bottom of the Zoji La)
Geranium regelii
Geranium sibiricum