Swertia species- Above Triund, Dharamshala, HP


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This one was above Triund. I could not place this (I thought of Swertia, Bupleurum, Euphorbia...). Please advise.
Above Triund, Dharamshala, HP
3100m approx.
25 October 2016
Swertia no doubt. Don't know local sp.
Bupleurum to me.
Beautiful images, and because of late season morphology is partially changed (as I understand).
Thank you ... I only saw a lone plant on my walk and will keep an eye next year for it.
Certainly Bupleurum (pl. see comparative images here)
Neither it is Bupleurum nor Swertia 
It is Swertia not Euphorbia 
In my a few minutes earlier mail where I have written Niether Bupleurum nor Swertia. Please read it as Niether Bupleurum nor Euphorbia