Quercus alba

Quercus alba L., Sp. Pl. 996 1753. (syn: Quercus alba var. heterophylla Ettingsh. & Krašan; Quercus alba f. latiloba (Sarg.) E.J.Palmer & Steyerm.; Quercus alba var. latiloba Sarg.; Quercus alba var. longigemma Trel.; Quercus alba var. microcarpa A.DC.; Quercus alba f. pinnatifida (Michx.) Rehder; Quercus alba var. pinnatifida Michx.; Quercus alba f. repanda (Michx.) Trel.; Quercus alba var. repanda Michx.; Quercus alba var. ryderi Trel.; Quercus alba var. subcaerulea Pickens & M.Pickens; Quercus alba var. subflavea Pickens & M.Pickens; Quercus alba f. sublyrata Trel.; Quercus alba f. viridis Trel.; Quercus candida Steud.; Quercus nigrescens Raf.; Quercus ramosa Dippel; Quercus repanda Michx., pro syn. (ambiguous synonym); Quercus retusa Raf.);     

SE. Canada to C. & E. U.S.A. as per WCSP;

Alabama; Arkansas; Connecticut; Delaware; Florida; Georgia; Illinois; Indiana; Iowa; Kansas; Kentucky; Leeward Is.; Louisiana; Maine; Maryland; Masachusettes; Michigan; Minnesota; Mississippi; Missouri; Nebraska; New Hampshire; New Jersey; New York; North Carolina; Ohio; Oklahoma; Ontario; Pennsylvania; Qubec; Rhode I.; South Carolina; Tennessee; Texas; Vermont; Virginia; West Virginia; Wisconsin as per Catalogue of Life;

Tree for ID : New Jersey : 07OCT19 : AK-02 : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (3)
Another similar tree seen at a different location in June,17.
Again Oak Species?

For me this one looks like White oak (Quercus alba). 

... is correct.


Tree for ID : New Jersey : 07OCT19 : AK-01 : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (2)
Tree seen in New Jersey in June,17 during my visit.
Not sure whether cultivated or growing wild.
It was seen by the roadside.
Oak tree?
I think appears to be same as at Tree for ID : New Jersey : 07OCT19 : AK-02