Trifolium alexandrinum ?

Trifolium alexandrinum ?;
Fabaceae herb for ID 290212MK02: Please help me to identify this trailer herb found growing among grasses in a private garden at Ooty, Nilgiris, TN
Date: 02 Oct 2012
Alt: c. 1800 m ASL
Leaves and inflorescence are not more than 2cm long
Some Medicago species ?
From the finely all round serrated leaflets, with deeply impressed veins upto edges, and the stipules, this looks like a Clover, Trifolium sp...
The plant is sprawling, but no distinct V-marks on the leaflets, so not sure if could be a T. repens.
To me these appear close to images at Trifolium alexandrinum L.
For me the photographs seen in the link do not match with those of ...
No, these pics do not belong to Trifolium alexandrinum..
Instead, they can be Trifolium resupinatum...
Thanks, ... But do not belong to Trifolium resupinatum either as per images and details herein.

It may be related to fenugreek (Trigonella)

I do not think matches with any species at