Senna sulfurea ?

Senna sulfurea (syn: Cassia glauca)?;

Image by A Sivapalan

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Can you please ID this plant species - a shrub with bright yellow flowers; an ornamental as well as a medicinal plant. Leaves and flowers are edible. Cassia/Senna? Photo taken in North Sri Lanka in Oct 2012.
Cassia surattensis I suppose
As per ... as per efi page on Senna surattensis:
" .......................
1. One with 4-6 pairs leaflets (usually 5 pairs), larger leaflets (4-10 cm long), longer stalk of fruit (10-20 mm long).. (C. glauca of FBI, Senna surattensis subsp. glauca of many authors; Senna sulfurea of Flora China and The Plant List)
2. Second with 6-9 pairs of smaller leaflets (2-5 cm long) and shorter fruit stalk (5-7 mm long) (C. glauca var. suffruticosa of FBI, Senna surattensis of Flora China and the Plant List)
Most of us have been uploading the first taxon. I would request members to find and upload the second. It would be really interesting"
Senna surattensis (Burm.f.)  Irwin & Barneby, (Syn. Cassia surattensis Burm. f.; Cassia glauca Lam.)
efloraindia. 050911 BRS14- Species id. reg: Request for ID. of the attached file.  
Date: 02.09.2011
Place: Anaikatti, Coimbatore Dist.
Altitude, 630 MSL
Habitat- Garden
Plant Habit- Shrub/herb
It may be (an early flowering) Cassia glauca.