Medicago species- Panipat
This is a herb from Panipat..
Please suggest id..

Medicago species so far in efi 

Please check if Medicago orthoceras (Kar. & Kir.) Trautv. can be found in India or that region.
To me also it appears close as per illustration at
As per book link (2011), collections from India assigned to M. orthoceras (which see) appear to be M. polyceratia, but I have not identified them as latter species, as additional study is necessary. Pl. see high resolution herbarium specimen at

Doubtful ID. Could be any other species as well. 
Please check for Trigonella species. T. monantha/ T. incisa etc. Flora of Pakistan will be helpful.

In continuation of my previous mail, I wish to state that the flowers have a resemblance to Trigonella. Could it be any wild species of Trigonella ?