Kunstleria keralensis

Kunstleria keralensis C.N.Mohanan & N.C.Nair;   

India (N): Kerala as per ILDIS ; 

Kunstleria keralensis C.N.Mohanan & N.C.Nair SN Sep 26 : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (2).  
Kunstleria keralensis C.N.Mohanan & N.C.Nair, (A new report from India 1981, new species in the genus), 
wild climbing shrub from Agumbe area (Western Ghats) of Karnataka

I had seen this tree/ Climber with bunch of small red flowers at Doraikatte Hill top
(Altitude 2700ft) (Karwar-Yana region -- karnataka). Since the plant was too far and almost inaccessible, i could just manage to get some zoomed shots. Sharing the same with you all.
Date/Time: 19-01-2011 / 10:00AM
Location: Doraikatte  Hill top ( Altitude 2700ft) (Karwar-Yana region -- karnataka).

Habitat: Wild
Family: Fabaceae?
Flowers had appearance some what like "Dalbergia flowers' or may be some sp. of Spatholobus?? Requesting you to kindly have a look and suggest ID.
Such a beautiful climber.
Spatholobus species so far in efi
Kunstleria keralensis 

images by Prashant Awale

ID request-250111-PKA2: I had seen this tree with bunch of small red flowers at Doraikatte Hill top
(Altitude 2700ft) (Karwar-Yana region -- karnataka).
Date/Time: 19-01-2011 / 10:00AM
Location: Doraikatte  Hill top ( Altitude 2700ft)   (Karwar-Yana region -- karnataka).
Habitat: Wild
Plant Habit: Tree
Flowers had appearance some what like "Dalbergia flowers'.

This could be most probably Spatholobus purpureus (Fabaceae family) 
Could you pl. confirm it in view of your posting of Spatholobus purpureus in another thread ?
The key is based on the nature of indumentum on the leaves sir. I cannot say. But it is Spatholobus sp.


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